Shelby GT500 built motor whipple calls out Godzilla Alpha 9 GTR. The Shelby GT500 came with an impressive 500 Horsepower and 480 lb/ft of Torque from the factory, but after installing this Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger Upgrade Kit you will be planting a ground pounding 750 Horsepower and 719 lb/ft of Torque to the pavement. That’s 250 more horsepower and 239 more ft/lbs of torque over stock. However, the Alpha 9 package for your Nissan GT-R offers the most reliable bolt-on horsepower available and we have proven results to back it up. This package offers stock-like turbo spool up and drivability while boosting power output to an astounding 1050+ horsepower on race gas and 950+ horsepower on pump gas.