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User submit: take an ’84 Goldwing and add gatling guns (21 HQ Photos) » user-gatling-gun-motorcycle-920-12

“I’m Garrett Larson from Kansas and have been addicted to your app for some time now. I was totally pumped to see our bike on Daily morning awesomeness and ‘Merica categories. I thought you might dig some more info and pictures of the bike. I really think what you are doing is awesome and hope I can contribute. I built the bike from scratch with my best friend, Dillon Shoffner, Show Stoppers Studio, LLC Is my one man studio were I do art work and customize anything. The bike started out as a 84 goldwing. The Guns spin by way of electric motors and may authentic army materials were used as well. Jerrycan lid. 400+ rivets in the tank. He drives this to work everyday and has put thousands of miles on it since its completion in 2011. Cops love it! People keep calm and chive on. Anyway I hope you like the pictures the lady doesn’t hurt either”

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