“I am a loyal Chiver (especially on Wednesdays :-P) and I know you guys occasionally feature Zombie related stuff, so this might be of interest to you and your readers.
I wanted to share my recent project with you that has been two months in the making. It is a purpose built zombie capture and disposal vehicle we are simply calling “The Zombie Truck”. We designed it as a promotional vehicle for the haunted attraction we run each October here in Ontario Canada, however we quickly realized that it has pretty universal appeal to all horror and zombie lovers. Everyone who sees this thing is blown away, and the best I can tell, it’s the first time a vehicle like this has ever been built to this level of detail.
I would love it if you could review our press release and visit our website and see if it’s something worthy enough to feature on your website. The release is scheduled for first thing tomorrow but I wanted to give you guys a heads up in advance.”
Thank Shawn Gusz, Zombie Truck Creator, for sending these in
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