When it comes time to decide on farming equipment as far as I see it there is only one choice, Lamborghini. The Italian/German automaker was once only known for their tractors, not their beautiful Italian exotics, as outlandish as that sounds. Think about it. They had to start somewhere. The precision that goes into the Murcielago can be had on the farm, and just look at that sleek silver tractor design. Ooo la la...and talk about performance? How about these figures: "6 cylinder turbointercooler with iEGR exhaust gas recirculation system, 7146 cc displacement, vertical exhaust with integral silencer, an impressive maximum torque delivery of 836 Nm, liquid/oil cooling, fuel cooling radiator and, above all, the exclusive DCR high pressure direct injection system (Deutz Common Rail) with electronic control - a step beyond traditional Common Rail systems." I bet John Deere doesn't have all that stuff. Yes, yes John Deere is American as they come, from the heartland, all that jazz but there is one thing they don't have. The name Lamborghini.
Rick's profound reply.
I didn't read a thing Patrick said. I like food and John Deere helps get it to my belly.