Nothing is better than fielding the unending tide of automotive rumor. Case in point is the Porsche Cajun. Rumored to be Porsche's first entry into the compact SUV market, the Cajun is designed to bring new customers into the fold at a more "reasonable" price point. Also in the rumor mill is the fact that Porsche may actually have the car built in China, a first for the German auto maker. That frightens me a bit considering the sometimes questionable build quality of cars coming out of places other than Germany. My first car, a 97' VW GTI was the first year that that car was built in Mexico instead of Germany. The engine held up like nothing else, but the car's build quality left something to be desired.

We all understand that in order to keep costs down you have to reduce costs somewhere and the manufacturing of the vehicle seems to be the place to do it. It was already bad enough to have one SUV with the Porsche moniker slapped on it, but to have two and that it could be built in China seems a bit like sacrilege.

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