So let's say you have been looking forward to your Suzuki Hayabusa purchase only to realize it took you to long to save for it and now your back is f'd up because you are old. Old is a relative term. Fret not, fair consumer, there is still a bike for you. The Suzuki B-King takes the Hayabusa engine and fits it into a much more comfortable and upright riding motorbike. The technical term for all you cagers out there is, a "standard" motorcycle. It's "standard" because most of the time the clip-ons are so aggressive with these sportbikes that you feel like you are trying to kiss your own...well, you know. With the B-King, that's not the case. Not to say this bike is slow. It is not. It's is just more comfortable for all you old, old, oldies out there. Ha! Old people.


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