It seems like I have been asleep at the wheel so to speak. Buick have quietly been revamping their whole lineup and so far color me impressed. The models look nice and have good build quality. A true American luxury brand like Buick seems to be getting back to basics. Take the new Buick Verano for example. The Verano has all the creature comforts expected in a luxury car with 112 airbags, leather, heated everything and an interior so quiet you could hear a mouse fart. Here is a compact luxury car (who ever heard of such a thing) that shares little with the Buicks of the past, namely it looks good and performs well. Sorry Buick, I hate to be so tough on you, but we didn't know if you would make it out of the 2008 Carpocalypse unscathed. Now, it seems like Buick will be around for a while longer, doesn't it? All we have to do now is wait for Q4 to see if it lives up to the hype.


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