Patrick likes the new Passat because it is made in Tennessee. I like that people are being employed and I love the city of Knoxville. That being said, if I bought the new Passat, I'd want to drink to help forget that I owned a boring Passat. Where as, I make it a point to drink while watching Top Gear USA. In fact, T-G doesn't just bore me. I never know what those "professionally" paid writers are going to have spiky hair and his partners say. I don't want to go off on a tangent but T-G actually brings my blood pressure up a bit. I can take a joke. However, I don't like being the butt of a joke when I haven't done anything stupid. My guess is, every country in the world is making fun of the US for T-G USA. For example. You're racing against a jet in a Ferrari. And you drive that Ferrari the speed limit all the way from LA to Vegas. Other than guessing at what spiky hair is going to say next, there's not much entertainment in the situation.
So the answer to my original question works like this: even though Top Gear has elements of boring it also manages to pisses me off and therefore the Passat is more boring. There is one positive thing to all of this...the new season of Californication began last Sunday. Maybe I'm wrong here, thoughts?