You all know I love hatchbacks, but this might be too much. The newly debuted Hyundai (like "Sunday") Veloster is a hatchback with three doors and an identity complex. What is it? A sporty city car or a flattened box with interesting looks like Scion's xB? I don't really know either. This vehicle has two major problems. One, it's kinda fugly. It's trying so HARD to be a good looking hatch with sculpted side sills and bulging wheel-wells but it's just too too lumpy. Lipstick on a pig. Number two on the grievances list has got to be the underwhelming engine. The 4 banger churns out 138 horses @ 6300 and makes only 123 lbs.-ft. of thrust @ 4300 rpm. That's not exactly superspeed territory...or Civic 4-door territory. Maybe it's too much to ask, but if only Hyundai would drop in a more powerful engine, then we could talk.


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