When you have a brand as important and iconic as Cadillac you don't really want to go about mucking it up. It's quite important that it remains, in the public eye at the very least, the quality product that it always was or is perceived to be.

There was a time when Cadillac was not exactly known for quality products. It wasn't all that long ago really. About 10 years ago. Between the bland styling and the overly-cushy suspension and the poor materials, it was a pretty nasty thing to behold. The "Carpocolypse" was a good thing. It got rid of all the bloat and the poor decisions that plagued Caddy in the past and allowed Cadillac, and more notably GM, to get back on a somewhat level playing field with their competitors.

So what is the point of this diatribe? Cadillac just released pictures of the their new CTS-V race car and it's making me drool. I have found myself quite enamored with the edgy styling of the new Caddies released this year and this racer reinforces that idea X 10.

I am proud to see that Cadillac wants to compete in the Sports Car Club of America World Challenge. Hell, it appears they don't just want to compete. They want to win. This is America after all. So far it looks like Cadillac is making the right moves to prove to the world, they can compete. Good on 'em for it.


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