I actually didn’t hate every part of episode 4. The Hennessey Raptor section was ok (I mean that as a compliment). They got cool shots from the off-road challenge and watching it go around the track was entertaining. Also, if you take out the part when Tanner had to say the writer’s stupid Star Wars lines, it was enjoyable to watch. The paintball section couldn’t have been more boring. But I liked the interview with Kid Rock. They do have to find a way to get the audience to put some effort into those interviews. Mr. Kid Rock actually said some funny stuff and the audience didn’t laugh. So, it wasn’t good but at least I didn’t get as bored.
Now for the great thing about America: Competition.
Speed Channel has not given it a green light or a title but they may be doing their own version of “Top Gear”. The hosts are Adam Carolla, Dan Neil and Matt Faraah. At this time, the show is speculation but it would be great to have a second automotive option from America. Why would this be great? Because it would force “Top Gear USA” to take more risks and be a better show. And…I think Speed Channel will do a better job than History Channel.
Let me hear what you think?

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