Remember when the "New Beetle" came out in 1998 and ushered in a new emphasis on throwback design all throughout the auto industry? It was Volkswagen's Beetle design and it's success that led the big wigs at Chrysler to introduce the retro styled PT Cruiser. BMW then brought back the highly profitable Mini Cooper, and then Chevy with the HHR. Now we see the same thing happening with the Fiat 500. You get my point...

VW, wanting to keep up with the Joneses, has a new "New Beetle" and the pics have just leaked. I like the design although I can't be sure without seeing the "people's car" in person. VW's designers gave the car a look like a 1930 Beetle made sweet love to an obese Porsche Carrera (Panamera anyone?) and had this magnificent love child. Would you buy your daughter/wife/S.O./hobo you met at the bus station one, or would you spend it on that alpaca farm? Let us know in the comments below!


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