Here at theThrottle office the higher ups, namely John and Leo, are looking for a company car. They are looking for something practical and awesome that can carry the whole team should we need to go on another on of our so called "field-trips." They have decided, much to my chagrin, that a minivan would be the perfect solution. Nothing says "awesome" like a big old mom-mobile. I am joking of course cause minivans are terrible. John led the charge at the LA Auto Show and we all checked out the best of what the manufacturers had to offer, in minivans. John, by the way, has this peculiar affinity for minivans after he spent most of his college years passed out on the floor of his blue '94 Dodge caravan.

So after much exploring and gnashing of teeth we have determined that the new Nissan Quest is the best overall minivan package. John loved that it has two (count them TWO!!) sunroofs. Although I kid, Nissan has put together a nice package in their newest van. Wait, I can't believe I just said that. Check out these "fun" picks of the epic search for the official company car, err, minivan. *sigh*

What you y'all think we should get? Tell us in the comments below!

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