Listen, I saw Top Gear US last night too and unlike Rick, I think the show is getting better and better. Have you ever seen the first few episodes of the UK Top Gear? If you haven't, let me fill you was terrible. In fact it reminded me of the first episode of the US version of Top Gear. Yes, Top Gear US is not perfect...yet. Let's give the production team a few episodes to work out the kinks ok? I really enjoyed the "blind drifting" segment. It was funny, unique, and very much in the spirit of the original Top Gear. The review of the DB9 was a little bit softball but a pretty good review. It's not perfect people, but I am still watching it and setting my DVR to record every Sunday. You can only watch episodes of Motorweek so many times. Lets hope that the dog peeing on the Top Gear logo at the end wasn't a sign of things to come. Rick, give it time...I promise the show will not disappoint.

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