Was it better than the first episode? To that I say, "it was better". The shots and editing were fairly put together. I use put together to describe it but it's basically "borrowing" the editing of the UK version (down to the slashing sound effects) Clearly, BBC has access to better music. So until (if) the US version hits big numbers, you just have to accept that bit.
The blind guy gimmick was half entertaining. I'm not buying that he pulled off the hand break parking stunt (watch the camera angle) but it was ok.
But the jokes…help me dear lord. I just can't even come up with a solid sentence. As a stare at this text doc. all I can think of is a simple fact about comedy, "funny is funny".
If you basically know every episode of the UK version, try this experiment. Watch the US version with people who aren't into the automotive world. It really makes it more interesting. You get a different feel for whether or not the show is working. For example, the Evo section. In a girl's opinion, "it was pretty cool". Except, (in a girl's opinion) the "hey Tanner, you dropped your keys" joke equated to "that's just corny".
I'm still pulling for it. They do have access to nice cars and that does count for something. Enough with my rambling, what'd ya think?