So the first episode is done and I will be watching the season. That being said, in my opinion, Top Gear USA has two things going for it. 1. They will have access to coolest cars. 2. Foust knows what he's talking about. He sounds intelligent. There is an important element that I, and others who love the UK version, have to remember: a huge portion of the American population is not familiar with the format of the show. Watching the episode brought many of my fears to the surface. Primarily, they can't rip into a car. So how can this show make it? Show off the great cars and be a good source of specs. Also, don't rehearse a stupid line about Pam Anderson. Instead, say what's on your mind. That's unpredictable and that's how comedy comes about; that's how you make your own version of Top Gear. Good luck History Channel, I really do want the show to be a hit.
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