With the US version of Top Gear premiering this Sunday at 10/9c on the History channel, the stakes couldn't be higher. Top Gear US has a lot to live up to because Top Gear UK is probably the best show on television, ever (at least for car buffs). Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Top Gear UK. It is currently my favorite show in the world. I have watched (err, downloaded and watched) every episode and enjoyed every one. With respect to the original, I think America is ripe for a good car show. All we have here in the states is Motorweek which is comforting and consistant but dry and somewhat boring. We need an exciting and unique car show. America is the car capital of the world for God's sake! I have high hopes. Haters gotta hate, but I will be tuned in Sunday at 10 excited and ready for something new. Which Top Gear do you think is going to be the best, the US or UK version? Sound off in the comments below!

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