theThrottle will be attending the Los Angeles Auto Show later on next week to bring your our take on the most important auto show in the world (hey, we live in LA, so what do you expect me to say??) but for now Rick and I wanted to share some of the gems launching in LA this year. I love Porsche so to start things off we have the release of the Porsche Cayman R. The Caymen R is the hardtop version of the Boxster Spyder released earlier this year. That means lowered weight all around and a slight bump in horsepower. Porsche took a standard Cayman S and removed 121 lbs. of extra weight and added an additional 10 horses so now the Cayman R hits 60 mph in 4.7 seconds instead of a portly 5. Is the extra monies worth it for no radio, no A/C, .2 seconds and even less storage? For Porsche aficionados, it's a no brainer.


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